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Card Identification Examples:

It's a little hard to see what color the circle is, but I think it's black. In that case, this card is Magenta, Yellow, and Black. Black is counted because it's in non-written form.

Yellow only. Not black because "COOL" is in written form, even though it's part of the logo.

Two colors, but only counts as Cyan since both the blue and the green fall inside Cyan's range. There are also some funky blue specks in the background; if it was the only Cyan on the card it would still count because it's ink, not the card's stock.

Revamped logo from the last one, but same colors - blue and green, which means it's Cyan. It is also in the Black group, not because of the letters "com", but because of that gray line next to the address.

Kind of hard to tell if it's black or dark green behind the swirly thing on the left. I think it's dark green because the words on the right are green. If I'm right, it's Cyan and Yellow. Otherwise it's Cyan, Yellow, AND Black. The handwriting on the card doesn't count.

Pretty straightforward: 2 plates, Yellow and Cyan

Cyan and Magenta only - not Black because the black ink is all in written form.

So here's a card that should stir up some good debate. I say it's a Yellow and Black, since I don't think the orange gets deep enough to be called red. Despite the fact that there is no black ink in a logo, some black can be seen in some lines and spots on the left. And we know they used a black plate because of the text, so it's definitely possible.