Audio CD Copying

I was unsatisfied with the tools available to copy audio CDs under Linux, so I whipped up a few scripts of my own. Check everything out on my ftp site.

My main frustration was that the current tools allow the use of CD-TEXT data and can retrieve CD info from various online databases, but this isn't integrated. 99% of all existing commercial audio CDs don't include CD-TEXT data. This info can be read by newer cd players and displayed as artist and track info. I like that.

So, I wrote the cd-dup script which does the following
  1. copies a CD using cdparanoia, the best audio extractor available.
  2. looks up that CD in an online free database.
  3. builds a table-of-contents file that includes that info as CD-TEXT.
  4. creates a cd label image using cd info.
  5. creates a cd jewel case image using same info.
  6. writes a copy of the CD with the CD-TEXT data included

So basically all you have to do is pop the original audio CD in your reader, put a blank in your writer, and run the program. Everything else is automated. Then after you are done you can print labels and covers with all the proper CD info already filled in.

Someday I will polish this up a bit and package it, but for right now just grab everything on the ftp site.

Update: instead of creating jewel box inserts, you might want to create origami CD cases. I use these things all the time.




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