I'm working on setting up the Dahue IPC-HFW-4300s Camera. It's a wired high def outdoor IP camera with night vision that supports power over ethernet. It's also only $85 on Amazon right now.

Of course, this camera is typical Chinese garbage. The hardware appears ok, but the software is a mess. My goal is to get this camera sending images to sensr.net, but so far that isn't working.

Here's a collection of links I'm working from to set it up. I will post more detailed and personalized instructions as well.






Current status: I have the camera up on my network and I can collect individual images from it. I was also able to connect vlc to it to get a live video feed.

I can ftp images to my local ftp server, but they aren't getting to sensr.net for some reason.

Device has telnet interface, no ssh. Telnet password is admin user password with a magic string prepended. Default admin user password is admin, so the telnet password is 7ujMko0admin

If you fail telnet login 3 times it locks out telnet for 30 minutes.

You can stream images via vlc via rtsp://{CAMERA_IP}:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0&proto=Onvif - note that Onvif with an O. To keep from getting prompted for a username/password by vlc, disable Onvif auth in the camera web gui.

You can grab snapshots at http://{CAMERA_IP}/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi

Camera defaults to ip address, so you probably want to configure it via a direct crossover connection to another machine (with PoE injector in the middle).

You need a power over ethernet power injector. This one seems to work fine: http://www.amazon.com/Autoranging-Switching-48V-0-5A-Injector-Security/dp/B00CWVYG50

There are 'passive' PoE adapters which are cheaper but to be safe you should get an active one like this.

The timezone defaults to GMT+8, which I misread so I couldn't figure out that I needed to change it to GMT-8 for US/Pacific.

There's a binary /usr/bin/logView on the system that dumps logs to stdout. These logs don't appear in the syslog (Which is at /mnt/syslog). The logView logs are critical for determining if ftp uploads are working.

People talk about a v1 vs a v2 of this camera. I'm not clear on whatr the differences might be. Some people say it's that v2 has PoE.

The camera also has a power pigtail if you can't use PoE, but I have no idea what you would feed to that.

Camera comes with some sort of protective cover for the ethernet connection (remember this thing is supposed to work outdoors) but I haven't tried it yet. Will probably just wrap the connection in silicon tape to seal it.

Probably need to get ethernet crimpers and make your own cables, otherwise you will be drilling large holes in your walls/floors to get the ethernet plug through.

Haven't figured out where on disk the device keeps config files yet.

Couldn't initially figure out what a 'substream' is. Turns out that's a way to make different quality video streams available. In the web ui you can configure each substream for different resolution, bitrate, etc.

Change the admin user password right away!

You have to use an activex control to see the video in the camera web interface. That only works on windows so I didn't even bother. Not a big deal as you can still do all the camera setup in the web ui without the plugin.

this seems to be a newer firmware: ftp://ftp.asm.cz/Dahua/kamerove_systemy/_Firmware/04IPC/IPC-HX5(4)XXX-Adreia/DH/1511/DH_IPC-HX5(4)XXX-Adreia_Eng_P_Stream3_V2.420.0009.0.R.20151106.bin

However from here: http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=33328&start=780 upgrading firmware can be a real mess, and you might brick the device. I'm still probably going to try it because I have so far been unable to get ftp uploads to sensr.net to work right.


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