Direct Rendering Interface: Make Your Graphics Super Fast

DRI is the mechanism in XFree86 4 for allowing direct access to the video hardware. This is important for things like 3D graphics. Without DRI, those fancy xscreensaver OpenGL modes are jerky and slow. With DRI, 3D graphics are silky smooth.

DRI is also important for things like video in.

Anyway, you have to tweak your XFree86 config to make it work:

  • edit your /etc/XF86Config (or XF86config-4) file and edit (or create) a dri section:
 Section "DRI"
        Mode 0666
  • Make sure in the same file that the module 'dri' is being loaded.
  • remove the /dev/dri directory (this is a bug workaround):
 # rm -rf /dev/dri
  • restart X and run 'glxinfo'. You should see "direct rendering: Yes" at the top. If not, dri isn't working.

To test, run xscreensaver-demo and try some of the OpenGL modes. They should now be smooth animations.


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