GE Lightbulb Falls Apart and Destroys My Table Lamp!

We have a table lamp with a 150W electronic variable dimmer built in to the socket. A few days ago the light flickered off. I jiggled the bulb and was rewarded with a loud pop, a flash, and a burning electric smell. Also, the lamp didn't work any more.

What happened? I took the lamp apart to figure it out and my conclusion is the GE lightbulb failed. The circular metal contact on the base of the bulb fell off inside the socket. That caused the socket to short out. The integrated electronic dimmer blew out when the socket shorted.

I can think of no way that this failure would have occurred except by the 150W GE Reader Halogen Lamp not being properly assembled. Here's some pictures to illustrate the failure:

Here's the lamp after I took it apart:

Here's the lightbulb and the metal base piece that fell from the bottom if it:

The exposed socket:

The socket is a Leviton 6151. I suppose that if this had been a regular socket the circuit breaker would have just tripped. Instead the SCR (electronic dimmer) in the socket blew out. So now I have to buy a $20 replacement socket and install it in the lamp. Luckily this didn't start a fire in my house.

The bulb is marked GE 150W 120V Reader Halogen. Avoid it!

I've emailed GE Lighting customer service and am awaiting a reply.

Six Sigma my ass.



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