I'm Phil, the proprietor of this fine establishment. Please, come in and make yourself comfortable.

You could send me an email at philiph_at_pobox_dot_com (spam filtered).

Or, you could just send me one million dollars cash, in small, unmarked, non-sequential bills.

The masses have spoken!

I've been experimenting with what I like to call EbayArt. You be the judge.

Are you crescent fresh? I am! And so is Jeff, even if his website is for SUCKAS!

Look the Internet Archive Wayback Machine has snapshots of my website all the way back to 2001. That's pretty cool.

What is a WikiWikiWeb?
This Site CreatedWithXEmacs.

Here's my GnuPgKey if you are interested.

I belong to LOPSA:


I participated in @nonapeptide's 10k Serverfault Challenge:

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