Some Thoughts on Mental Health

I was talking with an old friend this weekend and the topic of depression came up. We both had a similar experience that I think more people should talk about. In her case, a therapist told her that she didn't need to take an antidepressant because she was going to work, taking care of what needed to be done in her life, etc. In my case, I didn't think an antidepressant would benefit me because, hey, I was going to work, taking care of my kids, paying the bills, and generally being a responsible adult.

However, just because you are managing your life doesn't mean you aren't dealing with depression. In my case, I was basically a robot when I was suffering through the disaster in my life a few years back. To the casual observer, I probably didn't look like I was depressed. However, I wasn't really living - I was just getting done the things I needed to get done, and that was it. I walked around in a constant negative fog all the time. I felt very, very bleak. I didn't feel suicidal, but some times maybe I wasn't far from that.

Next time, we can talk about my crippling panic attacks and how much fun that has been. Just take care of yourselves, ok?


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