call2sym is a small linux kernel debugging aid I wrote a couple of years back and released under the GNU Public License. It was hosted at my employer's site, but that site has gone away, so I figured I had better put it up here.

This tool is mainly useful for embedded linux development.


call2sym is a kernel debugging aid. It performs the useful task of converting a Linux kernel system call stack trace into symbolic names. This allows you to quickly determine exactly which functions were executing when the kernel panick'd.

Embedded linux developers seem to find call2sym the most useful, but it will work for any sort of kernel debugging.


11/9/04 - Ok, you caught me. This little script is never going to be updated. Still, I hope someone find it useful as-is.

10/21/00 - the next version will hopefully contain the following improvments:

  • Better error checking
  • Improved speed
  • Ability to grab epc for the first function name.

Write me if you have other requests.

10/20/00 - announced on freshmeat! More than 50 people downloaded the script in the first two days.

10/18/00 - released first public version, 0.0.1.


You can read the man page (generated via perlpod).


callsym is released under the GNU GPL.


0.0.1 - first released version.


Download the program (it's a perl script).

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