An archive of older front page updates.

  • 04/07/09: Nothing too exciting, just wanted to let everyone know I am alive and very busy, what with the toddler and the job.
  • 02/02/09: GE's defective light bulb could have burned down my house!
  • 09/27/07: I've written a big new article I'm calling Big City Baby. This also helps explain why I haven't updated this site much in the last few months.
  • 11/30/06: I finally updated my wiki software! Notice the pretty new page style and hopefully some more updates very soon.
  • Thinking of staying at the Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid? Think again!
  • 11/10/05: So what's going on with this wiki? Well, not much. It is still the repository for all things hollenback-o-riffic. However, I'm not making too many other changes (well, I do try to update the NewYorkNotes from time to time). Right now a lot of my online 'fun-time' continues to revolve around flickr, particularly since Meghan loaned me a digital camera. I will try to update this wiki from time to time.
  • 06/23/05: Yes I know I'm still using phpwiki. Inertia is a powerful thing. Actually I figured out an ugly workaround to the page load failures that involves an echo command and suppressing all the phpwiki error output. Plus I used mediawiki some more and decided it was too structured for my tastes. Thus, it looks like I will be using good old phpwiki for a while longer. Also, have you looked at my flickr pictures yet?
  • 04/28/05: Apologizes for going back to the lame phpwiki default theme. I've got an intermittent problem where the front page doesn't load all the way, and it seems like it is a little less likely to happen with this theme. The real answer is I need to get MediaWiki installed.
  • 04/08/05: I've upgraded my wiki software to Phpwiki 1.3.11rc3. Please let me know if you see any problems. Hopefully I will be able to re-enable anonymous edits because this version has some anti-spam features.
  • 03/21/05: The moment I feared has arrived: spammers started scribbling all over my site and adding hundreds of bogus 'XANAX', 'VALIUM', and 'V1@GRA' pages. Thus I have no choice but to lock down the site. Technically you can still edit if you have a username and password, but that's only me right now. Hopefully I will work out some anti-spam procedures so I can turn anonymous editing back on. Anonymous edits are one of the most enjoyable aspects of a wiki - I love it when people leave little random notes on my website. I didn't even really mind it when I was getting a spam page once a week or so - I could easily delete them. However, I don't have the time to delete hundreds (or thousands!) of spam pages from my site every day.

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