Pith Helmet is an ad-blocking extension for the Safari web browser on Mac OS X. is an alternative bookmark posting interface for Nutritious adds some useful features to the standard delicious bookmark posting mechanism and I recommend you try it out.

The default rules in Pith Helmet partially block nutritious. First, when you create your custom nutritious posting bookmarklet, you won't see the javascript that you are supposed to paste into your bookmarklet. Second, you can use nutritious to post bookmarks to delicious, but clicking on some of the expanded nutritious features in the bookmark popup (like show popular tags) doesn't work.

This happens because Pith Helmet blocks javascript and it blocks the bookmarklet because it contains the string popup.

The fix is to tweak your Pith Helmet config. This was a bit of a head-scratcher for me until I used the rules tester in Pith Helmet to figure out the blocking mechanism. To stop blocking of both the nutritious site and the bookmarklet functions, do the following in Safari:

  • Under the Pith Helmet menu, choose Show Rule Editor
  • Select the new button to create a new rule.
  • Type the following into the Matching Pattern text box:
  • This is the one that was messing me up: Choose Regex URL Match in the match type dropdown.
  • Un-check the Enable Site Preferences checkbox.
  • Select the Filter tab and set all the options under it to Allow.
  • Select Apply to save your changes.

That's it. Now the nutritious bookmarklet should work fine.

I've just realized that this is the first Mac TechObservation I've posted on my wiki. Congrats to me!

--phil 10/22/04




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