Problems I'm working on under Linux and/or other free OSes (notably OpenBSD).

You probably won't find this interesting unless you are heavily in to operating systems and networking.

MulticastNtp is possible under Linux if you set up MulticastRoutes correctly.

USB under Linux 2.2.18

SanDisk CF reader and Linux USB
USB Mice under Linux

IrNotes: how to configure IrDA under Linux

Remote system powerup: WakeOnLan

Turn off the BashCompletionBell

Pleasant AudioCdBurning with a few scripts I worked up

Install Linux on an OffBoardIdeInterface

Secure IMAP over the internet is possible with ImapTunnelingOverSsh

PumpDnsSearch: make the redhat dhcp client set dns search paths.

EnableDri to speed your 3D graphics.

MakeBootableCds: how to generate a bootable CD under Linux

I finally figured out how to make my SbLiveCard work correctly under Linux.

Do you find the default GNU ls colors difficult to see? Try my DirColors which work better for dark colored backgrounds.

Prevent conflicts between Netscape Communicator and other programs with a CustomMailCap setup.

Change WindowMakerThemes randomly.

NormalizeMpThreeVolumes so all your mp3s play at the same loudness!

Configure your OpenBSD firewall too AllowGnutellaTraffic.

Turn your RedHat Linux machine into a Windows VPN Server.

Set up an EiconIsdnCard under Linux.

Use Mozilla Keywords to do QuickDictionarySearches.

Configure Pith Helmet to allow use of the nutritious bookmark posting tool in the Safari web browser on Mac OS X.

My collection of LmSensorsConfigNotes.

The official instructions for configuring Postgresql for WebCalendar are inadequate. Here are my notes on that process.

NamedPipesInBash - the answer to the question, "how do I feed the output from two processes into a program?"

InterviewQuestions - things you might get asked next time.

AquamacsDefaultFonts - how to really change the default font in Aquamacs Emacs.


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